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Nestled on the historic 500 Block

of Downtown West Palm Beach is an old friend

in a new home.

Since 2014, Alchemy Juice Co. has brought you

elixirs and elements for your life.

2021 brings us all a physical space

to commune and connect in the name of



We designed a menu to lead you to your gold.

You are invited to transform at our table.

Come in and enjoy our space

or order by phone

527 clematis st.

561 - 814 - 2800

(online ordering coming soon)

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want to connect?

we do too.

Want to know more about Alchemy?

Send us a note with your questions

about our menu, dietary concerns,

events, catering, or just send us a

love note.

527 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL

(561) 814 - 2800